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Save Money on Academia

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Let’s face it: School is expensive. College is a money pit with slippery slopes. Besides tuition, fees, and lodging, there are numerous other expenses relating to the actual academic success of a student. Being competitive in school and in the job market following graduation requires attention to details. Earning good grades can actually add to the expense!

There are a number of ways a student can attend to details and improve returns on the collegiate investment, but many of these options cost money. Getting good text books, subscribing to trade or science magazines that will support academic work, and even professional editing services are all good ways to maximize your returns. So how can you save money on these academic score boosters?


Buy books used, and sell your used books like new. The student bookstore is there to take your money, not save you money. In the current age, there is no reason to be bound to the university’s option for purchasing your books.

Remember, these are just books. They can be bought and sold anywhere: even online. is a service that connects students with textbooks. This site will help you get the best price on your books, and then will help you sell them for the best price as well.

Magazines and Journals

Magazines can provide ideas for essays, supporting evidence for papers, and contacts in the professional world after graduation. Every field of science has a journal for peer reviewed publications, and these are often your primary sources for research and literature reviews.

Many magazines offer student rates, and there are sites online that offer coupons or reduced subscription prices. Also, many publishers will bundle magazine subscriptions for a lower price, so talk to your friends in other fields and get a deal on diverse magazines. offers discounts on magazines, and more.

Editing Services

Editing services will make your work look its best. Good work gets good grades, which can lead to good job opportunities post-graduation. Also, repeating classes is expensive, so it is best to get it right the first time. When you think about it, the whole college experience is a “paper trail” from start to finish. Writing, writing, writing: from admission essay to research project to final thesis. Writing is how you prove your education, and writing is how you will apply for a job as well! Do not underestimate the importance of the paper trail. It never, ever ends, and it can be expensive to follow.

Some professional editing services allow you to save on editing by using “name your own price” deals. Talk to the friendly folk at when you are following your paper trail through college and into a rewarding job. CPR is a great company, offering a wide selection of pricing, services, and custom options to help you keep your costs down while you are spending the money to do college right.

School is expensive, but the idea is that it is an investment. What will you get out of it? Well, you get out what you put in. Spending a little money can increase your results, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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