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I Got Accepted, Now What?

This post is from our friend @CollegeDish
Twiter: @CollegeDish

Whether it is your first time in college, you are transferring schools or coming back to school as an adult learner, here are some helpful tips to ease you through this transition:

Bonus Tips: Be flexible. Not all classes will be offered when you want them to be, they fill up fast and sometimes classes get cancelled. You might fail a class and have to repeat it before you can move forward in your curriculum, which will throw off your “anticipated” graduation date. So be flexible. Look up the policy on plagiarism before you submit your first paper. In most of the cases I have seen, the student wasn’t even aware that they had committed it. An upset student might say to me, “But I pay so much money to be here..” And my answer for them is always the same. Yes, you do pay a lot of money to be here, but Education is an investment in yourself. Take it seriously. College is meant to help you grow, challenge yourself and take ownership and responsibility for your actions. What are you doing to be successful? Let’s discuss why this hasn’t been working for you and together let’s make a plan to help you get you back on track. You can do it!

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Posted over 2 years ago
Awesome tips!