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"Stay hungry, stay foolish"

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Stewart Brand coined this phrase in 1974 on his Whole Earth Catalog cover. Steve Jobs would later make it famous during his commencement speech at Stanford University. It’s a simple yet powerful statement; both daring and courageous. This idea was the driving force behind getting Gremlin Books up and running. We wanted to provide a simpler more efficient way to buy and sell textbooks over the web. Our site is clean and easy, putting the focus on finding the very best deals possible and providing the user with several options to choose from. This results in HUGE saving in time and money. While saving students HUNDREDS of dollars on textbooks every semester is what we do, we also give back. A portion of the proceeds earned go to support literacy groups across America. Promoting reading is something we are passionate about and so are the groups that we support. The newest campaign we are working on is the "$1,000,000 Student Savings Challenge". We are tracking how long it takes us to save our users ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Once we achieve this goal, we will select a few lucky winners to receive some major cash prizes. More information will be forth coming; check back later for additional details.

While saving money is AWESOME, we are also using this blog as a way to provide our users with great content from our friends in other industries. We will be posting articles across a wide variety of subjects to help educate, enlighten, and entertain. Please check back to see what is happening. We are looking forward to a great adventure!! --GB

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